April Showers Bring New Changes

“Hello and welcome!” We at Good Samaritan Services have been saying these words so much this past year. Our joining forces with the Bridge of Hope Lancaster and Chester Counties has increased our connections with so many people!

At the same time, we might want to say “Hello and please accept our apologies!”

In the last few months we have been hard at work behind the scenes, merging mailing lists and introducing our volunteers and supporters to our newly enlarged mission. The difficulty is that some folks have been feeling snowed under by a veritable blizzard of emails from us. – If you happen to be a supporter of both Bridge of Hope @Good Samaritan Services, and, say, a supporter of one of our shelters, you may have felt like the nor’easters of March couldn’t hold a candle to the swirl of communication from the many facets of GSS.

So please—accept our apologies!  We are sorry and we hear you!

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