On the Journey to Permanent Housing

Monica and son

Despite the fact that Monica’s story is deeply personal and still unfolding, it serves as a wonderful example. Her story shows that when we understand how much God loves us, we can look back on a crisis and see that even though it was difficult, we have grown in faith and wisdom as a result. Talking with Monica about her experience at Good Samaritan, you can see that though this has been a challenging time, her faith and experience of the abundant love of God has become clearly evident in her life.

During her last interview with our Resident Director, Hannah, before moving into her permanent house, she stated her appreciation that her needs were well met while in the Ephrata program. She shared, “This has been the most remarkable time of my life and easily the one in which my faith grew the most…while sharing a house full of women in the same situation I found myself in.” Monica sees now that her home being condemned came about through no fault of her own. When she arrived at the emergency shelter dealing with “the double blow of not knowing God and not knowing anybody at all (at first anyway), it brought me to a place of loneliness and crisis; as it does to most coming in initially.” But here, in this place of deep loneliness and fear for the future, God’s love was already working and helping Monica arrive at a new, more secure place. Thanks to the many volunteers and staff at Good Sam, Monica was able to experience and really make use of the gifts that were offered to her.

She shared that these gifts included time and a safe space to sort out her situation, a caring mentor, and material support, especially now as she moves on to Permanent Housing. “Good Sam gave me the time that I needed to save up the money and find a new place to live. They provided me with a mentor close to my age that prayed for me and lifted my spirits when I was feeling my worst. They also provided me with other resources such as the Permanent Housing Services, and provided donations such as furniture once I found my new home.” She continues, “Most of all, they provided me with hope for the future and showed me that with a lot of prayer and a little bit of faith, anything is possible.”

Moving forward, among other things, Monica sees that she cannot make this journey alone. That is such a valuable lesson for us all! We need each other, and Good Samaritan Services offers a way that people, across the spectrum from crisis to stability, are able to connect with and support each other. Monica realizes now that “Once I was able to acknowledge my complete inability to cope, God was more than able to meet me, and in fact, brought me to a small but loving fellowship in which I began to learn what it meant to walk with God.”

Ending her conversation with Hannah, Monica shared that, “Learning the stories of the other guests lifted me from the darkness and I became inspired to know more. For the remainder of these last few months, my faith has been flying as I continue to grow in understanding and dependency. I now know I cannot possibly do it all on my own and no matter what, the Lord is here to see me through.”

Congratulations and best wishes, Monica, as you continue on into stability and growing in your relationship with Jesus. We are so proud of you!