From Homeless to Housed in Two Months!


Bill came to our Men’s Shelter upon being released from a mental health facility. Life had been so difficult for him.  Bill lost his job and he became severely depressed.  One poor choice led him to require hospitalization.  Bill lost his social security card, drivers license, and birth certificate. Our staff helped him to obtain all his missing documents! He was also hired to clean our Phoenixville office, and was connected with Jefferson Place.  Not only that, but he is in the pipeline to be employed with AARP, where he could continue to clean our office while participate in their job training program.  In less than two months, Bill went from being homeless to moving into his permanent house!  Bill is so pleasant and friendly, and we are happy that he has not only moved into permanent housing but will also live close by and continue to be in our office part-time!

Congratulations, Bill!  We are inspired by your hard work and so proud of you!