• Nate

    Nate Hoffer

    Chief Executive Officer Since 2009 I have been honored to serve at GSS. I am passionate about loving my neighbors as myself. I love how we work to help individuals and families move from crisis to stability, and from homelessness to housing. My heart is full of gratitude for the community of donors and volunteers who support our work. I truly love my job, and I look forward to each day because I know the impact we are having and the lives we are changing.

  • Cheryl

    Cheryl Miles

    Director of Permanent Housing Services I have worked with some aspect of homelessness for most of my professional career. The last nine years have been the most rewarding to me as I have been able to use my faith and my professional skills to help families make lasting changes in their lives as well as in their communities. It is a blessing to serve at GSS.

  • Kathryn

    Kathryn Maleney

    Development Director/Grant Writer I have faith that there is an abundance of help available for all, if we can find ways to connect people and programs to resources that are available. My work allows me to actively engage in the life of our community to uncover hidden resources that can help change & restore lives.

  • Willean

    Willean Yoder

    Chief Financial Officer For over 20 years I have enjoyed providing, in many different ways, the administrative support necessary to run an organization such as this. I have especially appreciated the opportunities I’ve had to interact with many of the donors and volunteers that make organizations like GSS possible.

  • Keith

    Keith Fritz

    Chief Operating Officer I get a great deal of satisfaction in being in a role where I have the opportunity to make a difference.

Coatesville - Permanent Housing Services

  • Melissa

    Melissa Horst

    Family Resource Coordinator Having completed six years with Bridge of Hope/GSS, I've shared many special moments with the single mothers I work with. By far, one of my favorite moments to witness is "Move-In Day". It's exciting to see how happy the children get when they walk into their new home for the first time. They excitedly show me around and are so proud of their rooms. It's a blessing to be a part of something so intimate in the lives of the families I serve.

  • Brenda Moore

    Family Resource Coordinator I have placed great value on the power of human connections that are supportive to others. The opportunity to work at GSS fulfills both my personal and professional passion to strengthen community and the human condition.

  • Madelyn Guzman

    Program Coordinator I am looking forward to helping single mothers in need. As a single mother myself for 20 years, I know the barriers and challenges one can face and feel like my personal experience will be an asset to the organization. My passion is to encourage independence and stability to the families in our services!

Ephrata - Shelter & Transitional Housing for Women and Children

  • Hannah

    Hannah Miller

    Resident Director God has blessed me greatly with the opportunity to serve women and children in the Ephrata area! My passion is to empower, encourage, and strengthen the people we serve and I am so thankful I get to do that every day.

  • This is Juliana

    Juliana Dudley

    Program Coordinator I have enjoyed volunteering at the shelter and love interacting with the guests! I love the vision GSS has for the women of our area and I am thrilled to be a part of the mission and getting our community excited to volunteer some of their time as well.

  • Emily Neff

    Resident Advocate I love the mission of GSS and am excited to work as a resident advocate for the women’s shelter! I have a heart to serve women in the community by helping them work toward stability and a home.

  • Julia

    Julia Bambauer

    Resident Advocate & House Manager I am doing a one-year volunteer service. I like the diversity of my daily tasks: Working in the office and listening to the women and their stories is something I really enjoy.

  • Judith

    Judith Blaik

    Resident Advocate & House Manager I am doing a Volunteer Service at the Shelter for women and children and I especially enjoy preparing the rooms and welcome baskets for the ladies. It is also a blessing to learn from their life experience and to hear their stories.

  • Paula

    Paula Shiffler

    House Manager Three years ago, I was a resident at Good Sam. Since then, I've joined the Ephrata staff as a live-in House Manager. I give back because I love the ladies and can identify with their journeys.

Lancaster - Permanent Housing Services

  • Kathleen

    Kathy Scott

    Family Specialist & Education Coordinator My role as Family Specialist & Education Coordinator at GSS is very rewarding. I have the opportunity to meet with our families, and help them learn new skills to improve their family relationships.

  • Christy

    Christy Stoltzfus

    Family Resource Coordinator I find so much joy and fulfillment in walking alongside the families we serve, and am honored to be able to empower them to move forward in their personal goals. It is a privilege to watch as they move into permanent housing, gain confidence and self-sufficiency, and recognize that they are loved, valued, and capable.

  • Ashley Eager

    Development Coordinator I love working for GSS! My journey with this organization has allowed me to have first-hand insight into just how important our programs are. The way that our community continues to generously support us has blessed me beyond measure. My favorite part of this organization is how strongly we hold to our values. They aren’t just pretty words we express to sound good; they are the core of who we are and why we continue to show up day after day. I have been challenged, humbled, and inspired, and count it a privilege to serve Jesus in this way.

  • Janette Clay

    Program Coordinator My passion for individuals in this community of homelessness is to encourage, respect, show kindness, and be a voice for them.

  • Katelyn Montanez

    Family Resource Coordinator I am excited that I get to work with the women who we serve and walk alongside them on their journey to permanent housing. With God's amazing grace, all things are possible!

Phoenixville - Shelter, Transitional Housing & Affordable Housing for Men

  • Tim

    Tim Barr

    Director of Resident Services After 12 yrs of serving people in need I truly enjoy playing a part in helping people turn their lives around.

  • Rich

    Rich Baxter

    Resident Advocate For over 3 years I've enjoyed helping men at our shelter find new purpose as they regain independence and overcome obstacles in their lives. I especially enjoy Bible studies with the guys, and helping them find new employment.

  • Ben Reichner

    Program Coordinator I am grateful to be a part of the community at Good Samaritan and for the opportunity to serve the men in our program.

  • Gina Bissett

    Program Coordinator This job is like food for the soul, it’s so rewarding. It has given me purpose, and rekindled a compassion in my soul that I’d thought I’d lost. I’ve learned what it truly means to be proud of the place where you work and the job you perform.

  • Moreh

    Moreh White

    House Manager The most rewarding thing about Good Sam is watching lives transformed. Joel 2:25 "I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten..."

  • Rodney

    Rodney Miller

    House Manager I am thankful to be on staff at Good Sam and ready to pass on what I have received to others coming to the shelter program.

  • Steve

    Steve Andrews

    House Manager I am looking forward to how I can be of service as a new House Manager.

  • Emanuel Sibert

    House Manager GSS gave me the opportunity to start over, and I am blessed to pass that same opportunity down to the other men in our program.

  • Rick

    Rick Harris

    Maintenance Manager I enjoy working for GSS. My time here has been eye-opening and rewarding. Seeing people better themselves is a wonderful thing.