In all we do at GSS, we try to provide support and information to help people succeed. This is especially important for parents who are trying to rebuild their family relationships. Family Building Services (FBS) is designed especially to help families heal past hurts and develop knowledge and understanding so that parenting is a positive and effective experience for the children and adults alike.

Often during times of homelessness and unemployment, parents’ nurturing skills give way to other priorities. FBS helps them to re-focus by providing help with:

  • Parenting Skills
  • Family Communication Skills
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Child Development Stages
  • Academic Support

We see the results! Parents who have participated in Family Building Services report that they feel greater confidence in parenting. Our pre and post-assessments indicate that our parents have more confidence in their skills after utilizing Family Building Services. And what’s more, the benefits are generational! As their sense of self-esteem increases, we see that parents are able to help their children to develop greater confidence also. Another participant told us that she and her children talk about their feelings more. They now hold regular family meetings and discuss schedules, planning activities and problems, all of which reduces stress and encourages greater positive feelings and trust.

Family Building Services are available to women in the GSS shelter, transitional home and permanent housing. We also have agreements with other organizations such as Milagro House and Homes of Hope to provide services to their residents as well.

For more information on Family Building Services, please contact Kathleen Scott at

Annual Impact – Family Building Services

Mother and child

68 women and children were served in this program last year