Microloan Program

Micro loanThe Good Samaritan Microloan Program provides the extra financial support our residents often need to return to independence. Qualifying residents receive loans ranging from $500 to $2,500 to help pay for their first month’s rent, security deposit, down payment on a car and other costs associated with the initial move to living independently. As these loans are paid back over 12 – 24 months, the money is recycled into new loans for other qualified residents. This program helps participants improve their credit scores.

Matched savings check presentationMatched Savings Program

Thanks to our partnership with BB&T we have awarded over $30,000 in matched savings since 2012. Participants who open a savings account and make regular deposits are rewarded with a dollar-for-dollar match on their savings, up to $600. We are grateful for partners like BB&T who help us offer unique and exciting programs that develop life-skills and promote financial health.

Wheels of Hope

Woman with a minivan that was donated by wheels of hopeGood Samaritan Services (GSS) helps families break the cycle of homelessness by addressing the obstacles that keep them homeless. In order for families to move towards financial stability, jobs are needed. To secure a job with sustainable income, families must have reliable transportation. GSS relies on vehicle donations to provide residents with this vital resource. Each donated car is presented to a single parent in our program, based on his or her level of need. Each beneficiary receives training on car care by a local auto mechanic during his or her time with GSS.

“I was offered three jobs in one week. I had to turn all of them down because I lacked transportation.” — Crystal

Thanks to a couple who donated a car they no longer needed, Crystal now has a job and is on the path to financial stability! She works in the medical field and arrives at work on time. No more waiting for rides, no more waiting with her daughter in a stroller at the bus stop. By giving a single mother a ride to work, this couple gave a gift that will last for miles and miles!

How Do I Donate a Car?

We request that all cars are in good working condition. Car donations may be tax deductible.

Give us a call:
In Chester County 610-380-1360
In Lancaster County 717-394-7707

You will need to provide:

  • Name/make/model of car
  • General description of car
  • Vehicle Identification Number

We will be responsible for:

  • Title and tag transfer fees
  • Evaluation by a certified auto mechanic for safety and performance issues before transfer to a program participant