Employment is a foundational part of helping people get back on their feet in a sustainable way. Our job training program helps those who are experiencing homelessness gain valuable work experience and find a pathway to financial stability and independent living.

A New Approach to Job Training

We are grateful for the donation of 25 laptops we received from Pfizer! These laptops will be used in our new job training program, which is a 10-week classroom-based program that will be offered throughout the year to our clients and residents.

First Class of the New Program!

On March 25, 2019, our new job training program launched. Six men from our Phoenixville shelter joined this program to learn more about job readiness, computer skills, resume writing and how to apply online.  They will also practice these learned skills through interview training, mock interviews, as well as attend a few field trips to local businesses.  On these trips, the students will talk with Human Resource Personnel to learn more about what organizations look for when hiring new employees.  Upon completion of this 10-week program, the men will participate in a graduation ceremony and each will receive a $1,000 stipend for attending and participating in the classes.

Below is the first cohort in the new program, who are being taught by Kris Kraihanzel.

One of our field trip locations is Allan Myers.  The students recently enjoyed visiting their facility in Malvern.

Congratulations to the 1st graduating class!

WOO-HOO! A big congratulations to these 6 outstanding gentlemen for graduating from our 10-week Job Training Program! These students each received a $1,000 stipend for completing the program and learned valuable skills that have equipped them to find a job and keep a job. Each student indicated that their confidence level SIGNIFICANTLY increased in the areas of:

* Interview skills
* Managing wages
* Networking
* Creating a public profile on LinkedIn
* Creating a dynamic resume
* Basic computer skills
* Understanding their personal strengths

We would like to thank all the volunteer instructors for teaching the classes for us! Also, a big shout out to these partners for their support:

GraceCrossing Community Church for allowing us to hold our graduation ceremony at their church 🙌

John Sakos for providing the food for our graduation ceremony (it was delicious…be sure to support John and the Great American Pub Phoenixville🍽

Betty Stafford Clarke and Pfizer for donating laptops for the students to use while in the program 💻

Allan Myers Inc. and Saint-Gobain for hosting field trips for the students to learn about job opportunities

Here are some quotes the students shared about the impact of the program:

“I feel more confident in my ability to find a job and keep a job”

“The Managing Finances class was eye-opening”

“The interview class forced me to come out of my shell and build my confidence”

“I learned what my weaknesses are and how to build off of them”

We plan to offer this class again in the Fall of 2019. Stay tuned for more details!